Book a Unique Field Trip!

You will be THE BEST TEACHER yet!

When you book a special field trip with Paint of Interest, you are (sneakily) unleashing your student’s creativity, passion and awareness for all things inspirational and intuitive.

Our special 2D party room is perfect for up to 8 people and when you book the whole studio, you get access to everything (when restrictions allow). We will work within your budget to come up with something both memorable and special for you and your students. 

Contact us today to discuss your options and let’s see who your next Picasso is!

Why book with Paint of Interest for your next field trip?

  • Teachers always receive free coffee
  • Students get a free juicebox and treat (based on your recommendation)
  • Your students will be learning things they can’t get in a textbook: How to mix colors, paint and make special projects that they will be able to take home as a special memento from your year.
  • We are fun! Call today to pre-book and discuss options!